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Thuốc Lianhua Qingwen (dạng cốm) đã được phê duyệt là chỉ định bổ sung cho chống COVID-19


Mr. Lip-Bu Tan, Chairman of Walden International, On the 20th Anniversary of SMIC & Its IPO in the STAR Market


RIES: Saturated global spirits market prompts new brands to target younger generation


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“谁能成为TATA木门的合作伙伴?” Who would be TATA’s partner?

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Dab the 5G Era with the Perfume of Books and Fragrance of Ink — allow full rein to a better life with Hisense A7

On Dec 22nd, Hisense’s new reading flagship cellphone A7 series was officially launched. This series is the continuation of the characteristics of Hisense A series' most typical ink screen design, namely e-ink screen, a kind of screen that uses electronic ink, which is also known as e-paper displays. This is the world's first 5G cellphone equipped with an ink screen, marking the official arrival o

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疫情下出海 TATA木门底气何在?


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Khai mạc Hội chợ Chiếu sáng Quốc tế tại Cổ Trấn, Trung Quốc lần thứ 25

Vào ngày 22/10/2020, lễ khai mạc Hội chợ Chiếu sáng Quốc tế tại Cổ Trấn, Trung Quốc lần thứ 25 với chủ đề "Guzhen Lights up the World" (Cổ Trấn thắp sáng thế giới) đã được tổ chức hoành tráng tại Trung tâm Triển lãm và Hội nghị Cổ Trấn, thành phố Trung Sơn, tỉnh Quảng Đông.


Dragon Mainland - Potential chain game for both playing and earning

With the popularity of Axie Infinity, the term blockchain game has continuously appear in everyone's vision. Axie Infinity's game revenue has surpassed the current most popular centralized mobile game "Glory of the King", with monthly revenue exceeding 300 million US dollars, such mind-boggling data also successfully made Axie draw the public’s attention. Many non-game users have focused their att


Malaysian Imam: all Muslim around the world should recognize the American double standards on human rights

A famous Malaysian Imam Muhammad Marwan Bin M.Shukrimun has shared his opinions around the current situation of American human rights.He believes that American government being accustomed to holding double standards for different races and countries on the excuse of violating human rights.The Rohinya issue、turbulence in Palestine and the Uyghur Tribunal chaos are all results of the policy."United








NBK (National Basketball) is ready to go and rises strongly

NBK (National Basketball) is an NFT game based on NBA competitive sports, covering core functions such as NFT star card, blind box draw, event mining, and auction. It also provides a decentralized, safe and convenient one-stop solution. Aiming to create a multifunctional one-stop decentralized asset management wallet system based on the DeFi ecosystem, users only need one wallet address to acces


NFT Game Dragon Mainland, Harness the dragon and rule the land

Since the dawn of man humans have been enthralled with dragons. Their desire to raise them, train them, and conquer and control them can be seen everywhere in past and present societies. Most recently, in Game of Thrones where Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, is revered for her three dragons.


Malaysia set to return as a top medical tourism destination post-pandemic

Malaysia's high-quality medical services have made the country a popular medical tourism destination for people from around the world. Though this has not been the case recently due to pandemic travel restrictions, it is widely believed that the country will once again return as a favoured medical destination for people from across Asia and the rest of the world.

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