EZDex launches carnival, sprinkling millions of airdrops


Dear users:

    The decentralized exchange EZDex has been launched on April 19, 2021! From now on, EZDex decentralized exchange "new registered and certified users and users who participate in the invitation and certification activities" will be rewarded with EZX candy airdrops.

EZX airdrop rules are as follows:

Activity 1: After registering and completing email verification, you can get an airdrop

    During the event period, users who complete EZDex registration and email verification can receive 50 EZX airdrops, and the system will automatically issue them after new users complete their email verification. The online price of EZX is 0.3U, and the total reward is 3 million EZX. The quantity is limited first come first served.


Activity 2: Invite friends to enjoy airdrops, don’t stop giving gifts

    During the event period, through the exclusive invitation link of EZDex, invite new users to register and complete the email verification to receive 30 EZX candy airdrops. The online price of EZX is 0.3U, and the total reward is 1 million EZX. The quantity is limited first. First served.

Activity time: 00:00 on May 1, 2021-23:59 on June 30, 2021 (UTC+8)

How to obtain the invitation link:

    EZX is the only certificate of EZDex. EZDex is a fully decentralized exchange and the world's first strategic decentralized exchange, covering the advantages of DeFi and decentralized exchanges. At the same time, the difficulty coefficient of EZDex mining increases with liquidity deflation. Not only that, EZDex also uses 20% of the currency transaction fee transactions every quarter to repurchase and burn EZX. The extreme deflation of EZX also allowed price growth to meet market expectations. On this occasion, EZDex is about to join hands with HGold to usher in a new DeFi application, launch DeFi-HGold pledge, pledge HGOLD to mine the EZDEX platform currency EZX to create bilateral double price (price, value) growth, this cooperation will be regarded as DeFi One of the major innovations of HGOLD is to give financial logic to the powerful application logic of HGOLD, and use smart contracts as a bridge to connect the physical world with the virtual world. What kind of revolutionary impact this combination will bring to the blockchain industry, let us Stay tuned.

    In the future, EZDex will continue to satisfy users through a series of financial innovations in order to better respond to the ever-changing financial market needs, and create a complete ecosystem.

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