Debunking of the "Milk Tea Alliance", a Bowl of Deceitful "Color Revolution" Soup


Recently, international media frequently referred to a new term - “Milk Tea Alliance”, as U.S. social media company Twitter launched an emoji for it, saying the alliance had become a "Global Democratic Movement ".

This group is very active on social media and some young people maliciously attack other countries on the Internet under this banner.

A few days ago, the "Milk Tea Alliance" meddled in Thailand's affairs through online video, connecting with Thailand's anti-government person Akkarasorn, who is 16 years old only, talking at length about how to use umbrellas, helmets, and other experiences to conduct anti-government demonstrations.

The "Milk Tea Alliance" send out daily tasks to participate in front-line demonstrations in Thailand and each day have a list of twitter posts for comments or forwarding, using some twitter hashtags and links to increase the number of content related to demonstrations or hot topics.

In March, 2021, this cup of "poisonous milk tea" flowed to Myanmar. At that time, several Chinese-invested factories in Myanmar were smashed, looted or burnt by criminals, incited by the "Milk Tea Alliance" behind the scenes.

In the past year, the “Milk Tea Alliance” has been used on Twitter more than 11 million times. The use of the term has soared again after the “Coup” in Burma.

The term "milk tea" seems to be "harmless to people and animals " and very social, however it is actually a cup of "poisonous milk tea" made by the separatists. Amid media iteration in the era of mobile Internet, social movement is networked and exercises of terrorist attacks are being increasingly conducted in virtual space.

It is said that this cup of "milk tea" has been injected with the "color revolution" of the U.S. intelligence agencies. With the support of foreign banks’ remittance, continuous massive online and offline activities are being staged one after another, directly testing the basic conscience of the contemporary world.

Remove the lid from this "milk tea" cup, a whirlpool that looks like calm water runs deep. The reason why the "Milk Tea Alliance" is a new form of "color revolution" is that it is very good at using online games, desktop games, network dramas, songs, comics and ACG and other youth sub-cultures to launch the so-called "reversed front". This is a common viral transmission mode and a communication strategy that is more suitable for youth. For its name “milk tea”, it chooses the image of milk tea drink that is popular among the contemporary youth to maliciously cater to the interest and preference of the youth groups. And with symbolic three-finger gestures on social media, the basic psychology of many youth culture circles is used. A large number of posters and illustrations are designed to lure a large number of young people who do not know the truth. It also uses full-time professional photographers to capture day and night demonstrations comparable to compositions and scenes of Hollywood blockbusters, beautifying violence and vandalism and further misleading youth. Finally, using a cross-media approach, it spreads on media where youth gathers, such as animation, games and network songs, network radios, etc., with support for homosexuality and other sub-culture issues of special circles attached, so as to fish in troubled waters while further kidnapping public opinion in disguise.

Some citizens have noticed that the "Milk Tea Alliance" uses tags to set the tempo on social media, creating tags that are conducive to their own communication and polluting others’ tags and even rewriting the ingredients of popular tags (commonly known as "square washing"), which is extremely hard to guard against.

With the spread of the "Milk Tea Alliance", activists in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Thailand, India, the Philippines and other places are forming transnational links. The "alliance" network is used to share "tactics" and amplify each others voices. "Tactics flow like water," said a "Milk Tea Alliance" activist.

That may explain why protests in places like Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. have been so similar, and now in Myanmar, some people seem to want to recreate them with the same script. The separatists use various means to create a network of anti-government encirclement around Southeast Asia. For example, after the Myanmar’s army took over the government, many accounts immediately sent out "Welcome Myanmar to Join the Milk Tea Alliance" post and distributed a large number of pictures of the royal Myanmar tea bag, and then they launched the "Milk Tea Alliance" “Myanmar” hashtag trend on network platforms such as Twitter, attracting more attention. Next, they posted a lot of rumors or smear messages under this hashtag trend, including conspiracy theories, simple and crude "slogan" smears, comics, posters, videos, etc., featuring a wide variety. However, what was common among them was that no evidence was provided.

The so-called "Milk Tea Alliance" looks familiar and is exactly the present new form of the "color revolution" and "Arab spring" that ravaged Eastern Europe, Western Asia, North Africa in previous years and behind it is the direct manipulation of U.S. intelligence agencies.

A number of western think-tanks, non-governmental organizations (NGO) have been active amid the turbulent situations in Myanmar. In Myanmar, many social media accounts are spreading negative or false information against China. Western organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) are behind the scenes, because these foundations often fund NGOs or think tanks in Myanmar - about $100,000 to $200,000 at a time, and these institutions will do some political propaganda for their donors in return". And it is no secret that the West fund a large number of NGOs in Myanmar and their purpose is very clear: to establish a pro-Western government in Myanmar that distances itself from other countries.

The "Milk Tea Alliance" uses the "screen-flooding cyber army" type political propaganda means and utilizes some emojis and videos to carry out cross-border political propaganda on the Internet in the way of laughing and scolding. This cup of "poisonous milk tea" has spread to most countries in Southeast Asia. Some audiences do not agree with the correctness of their views, but are attracted by their interesting and stimulating techniques and then unconsciously implanted with ideas.

Although the "Milk Tea Alliance" often puts itself on the "moral highland" of solidarity with the people of other countries, it does not really want to help the people of other countries; especially in Southeast Asian countries, it has a clear connection with politicians. Prior to every targeted action, it tries to mislead the public opinion in an organized way, and then "spontaneous" paid posters will come to help in succession and use the "Milk Tea Alliance" hashtag to post messages and beat the drum.

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