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Principal expande su programa con relevancia cultural a fin de mejorar los ahorros para la jubilación entre los trabajadores hispanos Siguiendo el éxito de su programa de ahorros para la jubilación con enfoque en el mercado hispano, Principal Financial Group anuncia una nueva experiencia de incorporación inicial con mayor relevancia cultural y funciones digitales optimizadas para los afiliados a planes de jubilación. En el caso de empresas con una fuerza laboral hispana de gran tamaño, este enfoque especializado ayuda a los part 2019-10-24
El 78 % de los proveedores de servicios de comunicaciones considera que la automatización en el cumplimiento del servicio es un factor clave para obtener beneficios Un estudio de Sigma Systems revela que los operadores no consiguen beneficiarse de todas las ventajas de la automatización en las actividades de ventas y cumplimiento de servicios 2019-10-24
CES Unveiled in Paris resalta los aspectos más destacados de la tecnología emergente y la inteligencia artificial PARÍS--La Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® ha hecho hoy varios anuncios en el CES Unveiled in Paris, un evento de inauguración oficial del CES® 2020. Ejecutivos, principales medios de comunicación y destacados influyentes del sector se han reunido para celebrar las últimas innovaciones y experimentar un avance de lo que será el CES 2020. 2019-10-24
The laser marking market is growing at the highest compound annual growth rate in other countries around the world (RoW) During the forecast period, the laser marking market in other countries around the world (RoW) will grow at the highest compound annual growth rate. RoW includes the Middle East, Africa and South America, and these regions have great potential for growth in the laser marking market. 2019-10-23
Popular Laser Flying Marking Machine - Fiber Series---LF30F Flying Laser Marking Machine In the field of packaging identification, more than 80% of customer applications do not require too much thoughtful and comprehensive functions. CYCJET lasers are specially designed for these customers to introduce cheap and beautiful models. As a starting point, popular laser marking machines have emerged. In addition, the LF30F can achieve 100,000 hours of trouble-free operation. It is a cheap, 2019-10-23
Laser marking edible labels, leading a new trend in food safety As the saying goes, "The people take food for the sky, food for the first" Food label is a carrier that delivers product information to consumers. Do a good job in food label management It is an effective way to maintain consumer rights and maintain food safety. It is also the need to achieve scientific management of food safety. Laser marking "edible labels" to escort food safety 2019-10-23
By 2024, the laser marking market will reach $3 billion According to the latest report from the market research company marketsandmarkets - the global laser marking market forecast, by 2024, the global laser marking market will grow from $2.1 billion in 2018 to $3 billion in 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.0%. . The key factor driving the growth of the global laser marking market is that more and more end users from all walks of life are 2019-10-23
Bar Code Identification In The Consumer Market Today, customer intimacy is a key driver of business success, band personalized identification codes printing can help brands win the “Holy Grail” that is close to customers. More importantly, it provides a platform for value-added innovation to build interaction, trust, and long-term loyalty. Potential applications can be very broad and exciting. 2019-10-23
Decorative plate---Plywood field printer marking application CYCJET Automatic inkjet printer Plywood is one of the commonly used materials of furniture. It is one of the three panels of wood-based panels. It is involved in industries such as airplanes, ships, trains, automobiles, construction and packaging cases. With the market competition of plywood is more and more intense, plywood manufacturers attach more importance to product identification, while enhance the brand image, carry out 2019-10-23
CYCJET handheld inkjet printer in the steel pipe industry identification application solution Steel pipes can be found everywhere in daily life, not only for transporting fluids and powdered solids, exchanging heat energy, manufacturing mechanical parts and containers, but also for building structural grids, pillars and mechanical supports, road bridges, ships and other industries. 2019-10-23
Showing 1-10 of about 1212 articles.
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