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Decorative plate---Plywood field printer marking application CYCJET Automatic inkjet printer

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Plywood is one of the commonly used materials of furniture. It is one of the three panels of wood-based panels. It is involved in industries such as airplanes, ships, trains, automobiles, construction and packaging cases. With the market competition of plywood is more and more intense, plywood manufacturers attach more importance to product identification, while enhance the brand image, carry out anti-counterfeiting and traceability of product quality.


As a professional manufacturer of handheld inkjet printer, CYCJET automatic inkjet printers and large character inkjet printers can meet the different needs of plywood manufacturers identification task. Among the CYCJET automatic inkjet printer can be fixed in the production line, to meet the rapid identification on the assembly line.

The all-metal nozzle allows CYCJET plywood inkjet printer to complete the printing work in a dusty environment, reducing nozzle blockage and corrosion, reducing downtime and maintenance, reducing manpower, material resources and cost. It is an economical automatic inkjet printer equipment.


For plywood that needs to be processed twice, it is necessary to carry out the specification of the specification, batch number and company information in the later stage. Then the ALT160Plus handheld inkjet printer can be used. It is a wide range of marking equipment for multi-purpose, which can be used for one machine. Not restricted by environment, product variety can be portable logo, and the ink adhesion is strong.


The exquisite compact size combined with the superior endurance, so that this large character inkjet printer with WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, touch screen and more editing modes. It can use the editing tools according to different working environments, and the font size of the printed content. The parameters are adjusted, and one can independently complete the long-term identification work.

As an industrial-grade intelligent printer, ALT160Plus handheld inkjet printer can not only print Chinese and English, digital, but also connect with the customer management system to give each plywood unique information identification, to meet the needs of decorative plate manufacturers for printing, providing the most complete and convenient identification application solution.


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