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The laser marking market is growing at the highest compound annual growth rate in other countries around the world (RoW)

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During the forecast period, the laser marking market in other countries around the world (RoW) will grow at the highest compound annual growth rate. RoW includes the Middle East, Africa and South America, and these regions have great potential for growth in the laser marking market.

The industrial manufacturing, aerospace and defense sectors in the Middle East and Africa are experiencing significant developments and are expected to have increasing demand for laser marking in these areas. The increase in the use of electric vehicles in the Middle East will promote the development of the automotive industry in the region, and the development of automotive products will in turn drive the demand for laser marking. Compared with other regions, South America is still in the early stages of economic development, so this geographical market is expected to provide good growth opportunities for laser marking applications.


Laser marking market in Asia Pacific will grow significantly

During the forecast period, the Asia Pacific region is expected to occupy the largest market share in the laser marking market. China, India, South Korea and Japan will be major contributors to the growth of the laser marking market in the Asia Pacific region. The Asia Pacific region has been at the forefront of laser marking products and solutions compared to other regions. The region has a large population, R&D investment is increasing, and the manufacturing and electronics industries are growing. It is expected that these factors will jointly promote the growth of the laser marking market.

Major market participants


Major participating companies in the laser marking market (USA), Hans Laser (China), TRUMPF (Germany), Gravotech (France), Jenoptik (USA), Epilog Laser (USA), 600 Group (UK), Mecco (USA), Laserstar (USA), and Novanta (USA).


These mainstream market participants typically use product launches, commercial mergers, and increased investment as part of a key business strategy to enhance their market position. The following is a brief summary of the developments of these mainstream market players in recent years:

In February 2016, Coherent added a green nanosecond laser to its Avia laser series, which provides an average power of 65W at 532nm for marking, engraving, wire changing and drilling.

In April 2016, Gravotech launched the latest version of its engraving software GravoStyle, a management software for laser and mechanical engraving machines. The software supports the Laserstyle interface for 3D engraving.

In January 2018, Jenoptik opened an application center in Silicon Valley, USA, to leverage its growth advantage in the US market.

In May 2018, TRUMPF invested approximately US$27 million in its Chinese subsidiary JFY and its China division to expand its production capacity.


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