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Bar Code Identification In The Consumer Market

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Today, customer intimacy is a key driver of business success, band personalized identification codes printing can help brands win the “Holy Grail” that is close to customers. More importantly, it provides a platform for value-added innovation to build interaction, trust, and long-term loyalty. Potential applications can be very broad and exciting.

In the consumer market, customer experience is the most competitive battlefield. Personalized barcodes marking solutions can play an important role in increasing customer experience, enabling consumers and brands to achieve a win-win situation.


Barcodes capture rich real-time data to help brands understand and respond to customer needs. For example, the user's dynamic portrait can be constructed using simple information such as user profile, geographic location, purchase history, date and time, so that the customer can be locked according to the identifiable user preferences and behaviors, and personalized marketing can be performed. For example, a marketer can promptly alert a customer when the warranty expires or the product that was purchased in the past is old, and sell the product and accessories. Just like the youtube video, marketers can push their favorite videos to customers before they understand their needs.


Currently, laser marking solution has the characteristics of non-contact, no pollution, high processing precision, etc. It is reported that laser jet printers have been widely used in the production of consumer market codes.

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